Pricing Try Out Our Special Massage Techniques!

1 hr – Rp. 150.000.
1.5 hrs – Rp. 210.000
2 hrs – Rp. 280.000.

Extra surcharge will be charged if outside the UBUD area for travel.

Our normal rates are based on how long a session takes. Of course it’s up to you to set how much time you need. Some find the minimum 1 hour we offer adequate. Meanwhile others require longer and more extensive sessions. Most of our customers find the soothing relief and peace they need within an hour and thirty minutes. This is the balanced option we recommend that maximizes the benefits of any of the several massage styles we offer.

We can be very flexible in terms of price. In fact if you plan to come to Ubud, Bali Indonesia this month for an enlightening and relaxing break, you would be right in time for our latest special offer.

Click here to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to answer all your inquiries.